ISPCS Sync School

The ISPCS Sync School is a full-day session in which network operators, PTP users, and other interested parties can obtain practical information on how to deploy and operate PTP in their applications. It will be held on the last day of the ISPCS Plugfest, the day before the ISPCS Symposium, Tuesday Sep 24th, 2019.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Precise Network Timing Basics
  • Network Engineering and Deployment Guidelines for PTP
  • Overview of Unicast PTP and associated profiles
  • Overview of the Peer Delay Mechanism and associated profiles
  • Characterizing Network Packet Delay Variation
  • Performance Measurement of end-nodes, Boundary Clocks, and Transparent Clocks
  • Packet Analysis with Wireshark
  • Live hands-on interactive demonstrations of PTP Networks and associated profiles